About Us

In 1956 Hollander Glass started as a glass and mirror company offering a wide variety of glazing products to the general public.

As the market evolved, so did Hollander starting in the 1970’s during the stained glass renaissance, we began offering bevels, tools, accessories, and more glass to meet the changing needs of a growing market. Eventually we expanded to the unprecedented five U.S. locations now at your service. No other company has made that kind of commitment to the art glass market.

We have the widest array of glass you will find anywhere. Antique glass, drawn glass, rolled glass, opal and cathedral glass, restoration window glass of all types, decorative patterned glass, warm glass, accessories and supplies…it’s all here!

Even through the market changes, this remains constant: we are always at your service. We want to see the excitement on your face when you visit our locations and feel like a kid in a candy store because we are as passionate about glass as you are!

Our locations in Houston TX, Chicago IL, Edison NJ, Atlanta GA, and Phoenix AZ are staffed with people dedicated to the art and to the market. We are here to help inspire you as artists and craftsmen, and assist you as business owners and managers. We strive to earn your trust today and tomorrow with the same commitment and service we have offered for over 50 years.